Our Story

“An Odd Tale” is a curated platform of artists and designers from the Middle East and North Africa.

The works we carefully select and present reflect and celebrate the local visual narratives of our vibrant region.


About the name

Aware that the region we represent is subject to many narratives, both positive and negative, we carefully chose the name “An Odd Tale” to tell an alternative story, reflecting and emphasizing our particularity as a region and as a brand. As we take the everyday to a level of celebration, we seek to make a statement about the enormity of small things, and the beautiful and artistic oddity of the normal in an often-tumultuous area with a nonetheless evocative tale to tell.


Value Proposition

Our eclectic boutique puts superior quality art and design pieces from the Middle East and North Africa at your fingertips to meet your specific needs and preferences, reflecting and celebrating the local visual narratives of our vibrant region; and allowing you to love and appreciate our world's diversity.

But while the works we curate inhale from the stories we inherited and those we experience every day, our artists and designers speak a language that can be understood globally.

For art and design lovers, who are proud of this region, its rich history, its precious heritage, and its abundant cultural practices; our various mix of talents will help you find amazing products and art pieces made by gifted artists and designers. Helping you enjoy diverse visual narratives all in one place.  We make online shopping as easy as could be, with an enjoyable boutique experience, and a friendly customer service.


Meet the Founder

Our goal at An Odd Tale is to bring out the oddly beautiful details of our region and to present to the next generation and the world the beauty of a region brimming with emotions, stories, challenges, and traditions.

My name is Amal. I come from the Middle East, a region with a rich history and broad diversity. My career track is very diverse: I've worked in managing institutions across different industries and have lived in Egypt, Lebanon, the United States, and Canada before moving back to Lebanon. Here, I spent years working in the pharmaceutical industry, then pivoted, pursuing an executive MBA degree while holding a full-time job and caring for my family. After completing my MBA, I started a consulting company that exposed me to a variety of industries. All along, my love of art had been a constant and I dreamt of being engaged in the art world, a passion I did not have the time or courage to pursue earlier as a mother with young children and a career. The stars aligned when my business experience coalesced with my higher education just around the time my children grew up and left to pursue their own careers around the world.  That was when I decided to venture into the world of art. I employed my life learnings and business knowledge to tap into my passion and engage artists and designers, giving them their own space by starting An Odd Tale.  

I often get asked: why this business in specific? Why a marketplace and not a little online shop that can showcase your love for art and design? Well, I lived in different countries in different periods of my life and met a diversity of people from various cultures, providing numerous perspectives. This made me realize that there is not enough cultural understanding in the world and that the MENA region feels this the most due to a variety of factors.We, at An Odd Tale, want to represent the diversity in the world we live in through art and design. We seek to help create a world that appreciates inclusiveness as one that is stronger, more innovative, and more peaceful to live in. 

We aim to create a flagship boutique, to craft in everyone’s mind an image of beauty about this often-misunderstood region through art and design pieces; to present stories about and from MENA, emphasizing its talents and building on the random "odd" details that make it special.