Return & Exchange Policy

In case of any product(s) exchange or return, Odd’s team shall verify that the product(s) are in the original condition and in compliance with the Return Conditions.   Odd reserves the right to reject any exchange or return of product(s) after inspecting it for not meeting its quality standards for exchanged / returned Products.

B.2.1 If the Buyer opts to exchange an item another item, then:

a. If the new item costs more than the price of the item being exchanged; the Buyer will be responsible for paying the difference.

b. If the value of the item being exchanged exceeds the price of the new item selected during exchange, the difference in value will be placed in Buyer’s wallet on the Odd website, available to be used for the purchase of a different product within a year.

Due to the nature of the products, we offer no refund or exchange for the following: Discounted items, custom made items, promotional items, art pieces, fashion accessory / jewelry and adornments.

B.2.2 Exchange or return happens only under the following conditions:

B.2.2.i - Incorrectly delivered items (i.e., items that differ substantially in size or quality from the item in the Producer’s listing description or photos, subject to agreement by Odd).

B.2.2.ii - Goods that were received damaged (i.e., damage occurred before reaching the Buyer). 

In case a refund is approved, refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

B.2.3 The refund policy to buyer and gift receiver

  • Exchanges and refund are allowed within 48 hours of date/time of delivery, provided the goods are sealed and in good condition (not used or opened).
  • The Buyer must inspect the product/s upon receipt to make sure it is not damaged or wrong. If the Buyer decides not to inspect the item/s, by that he/she forfeits his/her right to exchange.
  • The Buyer must send the Company a photo of the damaged item along with the claim within 48 hours of the receipt. Otherwise, the option to exchange the item is forfeited by the Buyer.
  • Except for the cases mentioned in clause B.2.2, all refunds will be placed exclusively in the buyer’s or gift receiver’s wallet.


Policy for charging fees for exchanged items

In case an item is exchanged due to Producer fault/error (i.e. damaged item(s) or incorrectly delivered item(s) that occurred before receipt by Buyer), then the Producer will be responsible for all the costs related to shipping it from and back to Buyer. The Buyer must return damaged or incorrectly delivered items in the same condition as they were received and in their intact original package in order to qualify for exchange.

Producer will abide with the terms of Odd’s Return and Exchange Policy (whereby any returns and refunds to the buyer will be automatically subtracted from the Producer’s account. Producer shall bear any costs associated with the exchange / return of any item(s) ordered from the relevant buyer).

Any such funds paid by Odd to cover refunds or exchange will be deducted from the Producer’s/ Seller’s payment account balance. If there are insufficient funds to cover the amount of the refund, the balance will be charged to the Producer’s credit card or added to the Producer’s payment account.  In case no funds are available in Producer’s account, Buyer will pay Odd back within 2 weeks of the exchange.  The value of the exchange will remain the responsibility of the producer/Seller even if he/she is no longer with Odd

Policy for exchanging gifted items

In case the Buyer selected a product to send as a gift to a 3rd party, the gift receiver can request the exchange of such gift within 3 days from delivery date by contacting us. The exchange is accepted based on the exchange conditions listed above.  The value of the gift will be credited to the account of the gift receiver then used toward the newly selected purchase. If the gift receiver doesn’t have An Odd Tale account, he/she will need to create one.