3ala Hazihi El 2ard Ma Yastahiko El Haya Gold Plated Earrings

Qasaed Jewelry

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Gold Plated Earrings

Beautiful calligraphy earrings that engraves "3ala hazihi el 2ard ma yastahiko el hayat", which is the Arabic of: “We have on this land that which makes this life worth living"  Mahmoud Darwish poem.

 By starting a verse on one ear and continuing the rest on the second, you create interest that adds to the charm of this piece.



  • Material: 18 k gold plated brass 
  • Color : Gold 
  • Dimensions: 3.0 x 3.0 cm 
  • Care instructions: Avoid perfume and chemicals near this item 

Qasaed Jewelry

Qasaed (Kuh-sa’ed) is the Arabic word for poems, and poetry has never been so trendy and fashionable. Qasaed jewelry combines contemporary style with traditional Arabic calligraphy thus creating unique pieces to finish your look. Each piece has a history, and each quote is handwritten by Arabic calligraphers, to transfer the magic of words into utter beauty. Qasaed is an ongoing tribute to renowned poets and poetry. It is a continuous acknowledgment of the beauty of their words, and a timeless proof that poetry never dies.


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