All on the Same Path Mixed Media Painting
All on the Same Path Mixed Media Painting

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All On The Same Path Mixed Media Painting

Tala Beydoun

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Media Painting Art "Whether alone or in a crowd, looking around me or within me, I  deeply sense that we are all on the same path towards compassion and enlightenment. That is our journey."

The "All on the same path" mixed media painting is created through collage and acrylic paint on canvas. By merging both techniques into one, I gave this artwork a singularity that makes it even more special, and that delivers the intended message of compassion, in a more enchanting and powerful way.



  • Material: Acrylic on canvas
  • Color: Multicolored 
  • Size: 90.0 x 90.0 cm 
  • Painting signed by the artist

Tala Beydoun

Tala Beydoun is a Lebanese artist. Tala Beydoun grew up in a family that valued freedom of expression where painting and drawing came naturally. As Tala Beydoun grew older, she pursued her career for years as a teacher but It wasn’t until late 80’s that Tala Beydoun reconnected with painting and felt the passion again. In her art, Tala Beydoun combines acrylic, collage and lately embroidery to capture the intangible and convey emotions people are losing in a fast automated world. Tala Beydoun’s inspiration comes from human emotions that express compassion, love, and bonding. Tala Beydoun deeply feels that, though we each are a universe on its own, we are tightly woven in the tapestry of life.


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