Arab Mothers 3

Arab Mothers 3

Yasmine Dabbous

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This one-of-a-kind piece, created with ink and acrylic on pebbles, is a non-conventional piece of art you can place in a variety of settings: On your table, as a paper weight, or at your door, as a door stopper, or simply in your living room as table art.

STORY AND INSPIRATION: This pebble, fit for paper weight or table art, celebrates Arab mothers in all their beauty, diversity and strength. It comes as part of a triptych, available on my platform on An Odd Tale. You may purchase them independently or you may purchase them all.

This pebble is signed by the artist.

Yasmine Dabbous

Yasmine Dabbous, PhD, is a visual culture artist and researcher from Beirut, Lebanon. Her work is an exploration and celebration of the socio-cultural and historical traditions of her region. She has to her account a variety of exhibitions in Beirut, NYC and DC.


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