Bird of Istanbul Mixed Media Painting

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Bird Of Istanbul Mixed Media Painting

Nora Berjawi

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Bird of Istanbul Mixed Media Painting 

Inspired by the old Turkish tales, this mixed media painting by Nora Berjawi with its texture and depth takes you to Istanbul and its old streets. You will feel the mysterious city overlooking the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus Strait, and the Golden Horn. Oh, what stories the curves and layers could tell if only we could hear them.



  • Material: Mixed Media - Acrylics and resin on MDF.
  • Color: yellow, black, gold and white.
  • Size: 50.0 x 2.0 cm
  • Production Year: 2018

Nora Berjawi

Nora Berjawi is a self-taught artist from Beirut, she tackles various mediums in her art work. She favors metallic acrylics in her arabesque style paintings. Nora has an abundance dedication to the Arabic letter, Arabic poems and Quran verses that is seen in most of her work. She is drawn to the abstract contemporary art style and still experimenting various artistic styles. 'I believe that art has a transformative power to heal, both the maker and the receiver of that art, and that’s what happened with me'. Nora Berjawi


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