Blue Triangles Necklace

Kinship Stories

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This handmade and unique tribal art necklace comprises a variety of cultures and carries, between its beads & threads, historical evidence of a world on the verge of extinction. Cultures represented: Columbia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and a central enameled piece handmade in Lebanon.

In a world of technology, globalization, and consumerism, this necklace stands as a call for authenticity, uniqueness, distinction, and culture. This necklace is for you, the woman who can communicate the kinship stories, our ancestor’s stories, but also the woman who appreciates beauty and cherishes her originality. 

It is a handmade, one-of-a-kind piece, just like you.

Kinship Stories

Kinship Stories is a culture and art project featuring a line of precious tribal adornments. Our one-of-a-kind pieces include vintage and antique materials, often of museum quality. We also experiment with fusions of old and new, adding our own handmade work to the mix. Kinship Stories is committed to supporting local artisanship and fostering intercultural understanding of otherness. Certificates detailing these stories are provided with every purchase.


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