C3 My Ideas Wooden Notebook

C3 Sisters Shop

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I sketched a light bulb on a wooden cover, painted it with resin, and labeled it with my idea's notebook. It's a wooden cover A5 notebook where I should put all the strange thoughts that occur to me. Inside, I included A5 recyclable blank pages that you can add by just opening the rings.

This is a wonderful present for anyone who enjoys keeping track of his or her thoughts and ideas. Every item is packaged beautifully and comes with a unique serial number tag.


  • Material: 3mm Plywood, Silver rings, 60 sheets of 80 g. recycled papers 
  • Color: Wood color
  • Dimensions: 17.50  x 23.0cm 

C3 Sisters Shop

It’s the story of 3 sisters, Christine, Caroline, and Carine ...the 3 Cs Since we were kids, we dreamt about a shop where we could sell meaningful items that caters to each of our customers. Years passed, and it remained a dream, until 2015 when I lost my sister Caroline to lung cancer. During that time, I (Christine; the first C) was looking for a job that fits with my artistic background and that fulfills my aspirations; Being passionate for Art and Nature and having studied Fine Arts and got my master's in 2014, and after working for a gallery, I discovered that I love working with wood. Finally I decided to embark on this journey of opening our dream shop in remembrance of my sister's soul, to realize what was once our common vision . This shop is an homage to her, and to make the 3 sisters’ dream come true. As mentioned above, the shop’s name holds our initials, and the 3Cs became C³ holding exponential power and passion. The wing in the logo is the sign of my angel sister ‘s presence and protection. The shop is created for anyone looking for a handmade, unique customized gift for all special occasions.


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