Consciousness Abstract Acrylic Painting

Consciousness Abstract Acrylic Painting

Diane Audi

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Consciousness abstract acrylic painting

Entitled "Consciousness", this painting illustrates the bewilderment between the heart and the mind and the journeys on which each one of them takes you.

Through the contemporary and abstract style, and through the red and green strokes, Diane depicts the intangible state of mind that we are all expected to reach, while subconsciousness governs our daily lives.
This contemporary, one of a kind artwork is made from Acrylic paint on canvas, mounted on the frame, which would add an artistic touch to any setting.




  • Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
  • Color: multicolored 
  • Size: 70.0 x 50.0 cm 
  • Signed by the artist 



Diane Audi

A self-taught artist producing mostly abstract and contemporary artwork. Naturally curious and easily bored, I tend to escape through art, experiment, discover, and lay out on canvas my life’s journey.


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