El Tatreez Shawl - Black

El Tatreez Shawl - Black


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The legendary Inaash Najaf shawls have almost magical qualities. Embroidered by the best artists and designers in the region, these shawls are not like any other you've seen.

Made from handwoven wool, this intriguing fabric has a tantalizing transparent quality to which our exquisite embroidery adds further allure. 

The combination of unique fabric, delicate embroidery, and mesmerizing colors and patterns has the power to transform any outfit into a glamorous statement. 

Dress up your image in seconds with Inaash's Tatreez Najaf shawls to make a grand entrance. It works every time!


INAASH the Association for the preservation of Palestinian culture through embroidery. It is a non-profit organization which has been providing grassroots support to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon since 1969.


We celebrate the visual narratives of our vibrant region, depicting tales of artistic oddity


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