Folk Linen Hand Embroidered Abaya / Pancho

Mona Mohanna

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Folk Linen Hand embroidered Abaya / Pancho.  Level up your style game with this unconventional one-of-a-kind Abaya!

A piece that depicts the preparation of the soap, with its traditional stages. It is precisely hand-embroidered to capture the eye and the heart. 

An original, authentic, and marvelous piece to add to your wardrobe!




  • Fine striped beige linen
  • Hand embroidered design
  • Color: Multicolored 
  • Size: 136 X 83 cm
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Mona Mohanna

Mona Mohanna is a Lebanese designer, who left to Italy in 1989 where she received her Master’s degree in Fashion Design. Her thesis entitled ‘Controlled Seduction’ was quoted and illustrated in several prestigious fashion magazines. Since early inception, the fundamental characteristic of Mona Mohanna’s work is her ability to create a new interpretation of “East Meets West” by mixing traditional textiles from the Middle East and Asia under an occidental cut attracting the modern woman by bridging the gap between traditional and modern.   The designer has a fully dedicated showroom in Milan, Italy, with clothes and accessories made in Lebanon. The fusion of traditional material and techniques, became Mona’s signature. Mona Mohanna’s work has been rewarded many times. In 2002, she received the prestigious prize Ismu awarded to foreign entrepreneurs in Milan. In 2006, she received the Primo Europeo Terziario Donna  from the Chamber of Commerce in Milan.


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