Hamdella stand

Hamdella Stand


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Hamdella stand is brought to you to decorate your table and add a very classy touch to your setup. Its made up of metal of thicknes 3 mm and powder coated with different colors ; Gold & Bronze. 


My name is Rayyan Attar. I am the founder of Metalistic. The name of my small business was derived from two words "Metal" & "Artistic" Having designed my own tables and laser cut wall arts when I was decorating my home ignited in me my love for art and design, and lead me to start my small business. I owe that to the support of my father Hassan Attar - who owns steel manufacturing company " Attar Steel" , and my husband's creativity - who came up with the name of the business. The need for finding something special for your home is the drive behind my business. It is a space where on top of the ready made items you can customize your own product by choosing the color, size and design you wish to have.


We celebrate the visual narratives of our vibrant region, depicting tales of artistic oddity


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