Hand Embroidery SunGlasses Cover

Hand Embroidery SunGlasses Cover

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Hand Embroidery SunGlasses Cover


Beautiful on the inside out! This elegantly designed and hand-embroidered glasses case is not only a conventional addition to your bag but also a mesmerizing and beautiful one.

It is meticulously hand embroidered on 1 side with lively colorful motifs. The rich combination of colors and motifs gives your glasses a case that is trendy, stylish, and scratch-free.

It can be used to protect your sunglasses or eyeglasses and is suitable for a unique holiday gift that is convenient and as stunning as it can be!



  • Material: Canvas 
  • Hand embroidered with DMC threads on one side
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 17 x 10 cm 
  • Culture: Palestine 
  • Origin: Lebanon 



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