Handmade Plexiglass Rectangular B&W Keffiyeh Mini Clutch Bag


Handmade Plexiglass Rectangular B&W Keffiyeh Mini Clutch Bag

Meera Toukan

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Handmade Plexiglass Mini Clutch Bag



This Hand embroidered Rectangular Mini Plexi Glass Clutch Bag is the perfect mix of Arab and western Fashion. The Black and white keffiyeh also known as Shemagh: is entrenched in Palestine and other Arab countries, the shemagh has been part of their traditional dress code worn on the head or used as a fabric for scarves. This mini rectangular clutch is definitely a statement piece and can give an elegant touch to any of your looks from day to night. 


Details : 

  • Material: Made of Plexiglass 
  • Color: White and Black  
  • Hand Embroidered Keffiyeh (Front) Transparent sides and white back
  • Square Plexi handle
  • Dimensions: 17.0 x 10.0  cm
  • Origin: Jordan 
  • Cultures : Palestine & Arab Countries 

Meera Toukan

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