Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting

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Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting

Amal Sorany

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Jasmine and Coffee Beans painting

An expression of ideas and emotions, a breezy aesthetic of Jasmines and Coffee bean buds that are a delightful visual in any room. This piece by Amal Sorany can also be placed in a cafe, an outdoor garden area, or even at the center of a living room or a family room, etc. The elements within this painting are a language of sensations of volume, space, movement, and light. Also, having lovingly worked on this piece, it is a bright colorful painting full of happiness and vibrant energy. 



  • Material : Acrylic Painting 
  • Color: Multi colored 
  • Size: 150.0  x 100.0  cm 
  • Origin: Lebanon

Amal Sorany

Amal Sorany is a self-taught artist, living in Bahrain. While working in a full-time job in Marketing and Corporate Communications, Amal started focusing on painting in acrylics. In addition, she has painted several murals and has many print sketches.


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