Linen Dress With Hand Embroidered Calligraphy On Puffy Sleeves

Horouf Fashion

USD 194.00
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A gorgeous yet modest Linen dress that ensures being comfortable while remaining elegant. This dress features dramatic hand-embroidered puffy sleeves, embellished with the famous Mahmoud Darwich quote in Arabic, which translates to: "On this Earth, there is that which deserves Life".



  • Material: Linen
  • Available in 5 different colors; Lemon Yellow, Apple Green, Honey Caramel, Iced Mocha & Custard Beige. 
  • Features Arabic Calligraphy 
  • Hand embroidered design with viscose threads 
  • Culture: Arabian 
  • Origin: Lebanon 


Horouf Fashion

Fascinated with Arabic Calligraphy, Horouf Fashion translated this art into our modern-day-wear, through locally hand-painted or hand-embroidered designs. Whether you choose a customized look or a ready-to-wear one, you can rest assured that you’ve invested in a one-of-a-kind versatile staple that can seamlessly blend into any outfit. Carry a piece of Arabian heritage wherever you go from Horouf Fashion. Proudly designed and made in Lebanon.


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