Lively Mountains & Blue  Sky Digital Collage Art Multi- Purpose Plexi & Leather Box

Chocolate can be added upon request based on the location of the buyer and the possibility to ship edible products safely.

Lively Mountains & Blue Sky Digital Collage Art Multi- Purpose Plexi & Leather Box

P'odd Artisan Chocolatier

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The modern Lively Mountains and Blue  Sky Digital Collage Art Multi- Purpose Plexi & Leather Box.

Enjoy the Art on a Box concept.  This Lively Mountain Blue  Sky Digital Collage Art Sweet Box by Mare Nostrum is an elegant premium chocolate box. This exclusive multi-purpose Box (chocolate, sweets, savories, storage,..) is the ideal way to gift to a special someone and an elegant accessory to add to office/home Décor pieces. The beautiful Digital Collage Art Cover design with the removable and adjustable partitions inside the box makes it practical for several uses. 


  • Material: Plexibox with Leather Digital Art Cover 
  • Removable partitions to allow use with or without partitions
  • Color: Transparent box with Multicolored Cover
  • Size : 24.0 x 36.0 cm 

P'odd Artisan Chocolatier

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