MASHAALLAH Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper

MASHAALLAH Calligraphy Art On Handmade Paper

Mohammed Imad Mahhouk

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MASHAALLAH Calligraphy 

This Kufi art calligraphy is delicately inked on handmade paper. It is inspired by Islamic calligraphy and art. 

The Kufi font has been used in various archetypes and architectural decoration, it was the preferred Arabic font and has been immensely appreciated and connected to the divine. 

This calligraphy art adds an authentic, bold, and elegant touch to any room. It taps into our love for the rich Arabic culture and its marvelous inspirations. It is meticulous calligraphy of "MashaAllah" in Arabic repeated 41 times. 




  • Material: Ink on Handmade paper 
  • Kufi font calligraphy 
  • Color: Blue
  • "MashaAllah" in Arabic repeated 41 times
  • Size: 50 x 62 cm
  • Culture: Middle East 
  • Origin: Turkey 

Mohammed Imad Mahhouk

Mohammed Imad is a Syrian calligrapher that resides in Turkey. He is a talented artist, who inspires passion and commitment to the art of calligraphy. His love for Arabic calligraphy was first inspired by the way his father used to write, to be developed further to become a way of life. He has participated in several exhibitions worldwide. He has worked in the field of Arabic calligraphy of all kinds through painting, designs, jewelry, manuscripts and calligraphy models and sculpture, and restoring old Islamic manuscripts.


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