Ndeel Movable Wood And Natural Rattan Light

Alef Studio

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Ndeel Movable Wood and Natural Rattan Light


For an ambiance that can take you places! This lantern is inspired by the traditional wall hanging lanterns, “Ndeels”, with the “Kuara”, an architectural element that was used in the old days for storing food and crops. Not only will this elegant piece create a cozy and unique atmosphere, but it will also tap into the nostalgia we hold to the good old days.

 With a modern twist and a warm touch of light, elevate your home décor game!

This piece is Part of "Beirut Tribute" collection honoring old traditions and forgotten days.

The material selection was intended to reflect a unique combination of painted wood, natural rattan, and painted steel.




  • Material: painted wood, natural rattan, and painted steel
  • Consists of two parts: the lantern (Ndeel) and the storage element (Kuara)
  • Color: Brick 
  • Size: 36 x 29 cm 
  • Handcrafted 
  • Origin: Lebanon 


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