Ranalma Swarovski Bangle

Ranalma Swarovski Bangle


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 Swarovki Stones delicately stitched on a Black and Gold Fabric - Along with Two 18K Gold plated Cone Shaped endings.

Size is adjustable. 


Details :

  • Material: Handstitched Swarovski stones on Black & Gold Fabric 
  • Two 18 K Gold Plated Cone-shaped Endings 
  • Color : Black and gold
  • Size: Adjustable 
  • Width 1.9 cm / Diameter 19 cm 


Ranalma - Rana and Alma stuck together like glue. It all started when Alma’s mother Rana launched her fashion clothing line in 1998. She lived most of her life in Rome, meticulously absorbing the crowds’ distinctive fashion sense and implementing her ideas with a twist in tailoring funky outfits for her daughter; and was constantly asked by complete strangers where from. That was her turning point. Ranalma the clothing brand sprouted and flourished in no time, reaching reputable names such as Harvey Nichols Rana’s love for fabric, color, and art grew by the day and luckily passed it on to her daughter Alma. Post graduation, Alma decided on creating something of her own & stretching her capabilities in the field of fashion while reviving the brand by adding a line of notable high end accessories - which according to her can make or break an outfit. She was constantly inspired by fashion shows, magazines, ornaments, artwork galleries, and Individualistic women such as her Mother. Ranalma’s heartfelt Accessory line came to life in 2016. The collection is filled with matchless, eye-catching, and vibrant pieces suitable for all age groups. They are diligently designed by Alma with love and delicately curated at the Atelier using robust materials such as Brass, Swarovski, Japanese Pearls/Semiprecious stones, and Crystals sourced from various countries. The extravagant 18K gold plated items are timeless. They can be worn anytime, any day, leaving women feeling vivacious and inimitable. Alma’s core purpose is creating pieces that’ll turn heads and never go unnoticed. “Never settle for conventional - Manifest your sparkle with transcendent jewels” - “ We hope you’ll feel vivacious and inimitable in our timeless pieces, curated by Alma, with love “


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