RAUOUR Brick Red Square Cigar Ashtray

UNN Designs

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Give interest to your cigar space, enjoy RAUOUR Cigar Ashtray by UNN Designs with its multiple colors and elegantly simple design.


Material: Bubinga Pomele wood, Maple wood.
Color: Brick red
Size: 15.0 x 15.0 cm

UNN Designs

Inspired by the great tales and sagas of the Vikings and their woodworking art, UNN Designs was born. We give you original designs of home décor accessories, the best quality of wood and most of all the best wood craftsmanship there is. We specialize in state-of-the-art wooden Humidors and Cigar ashtrays. We also have great pleasure in making Backgammon board games, censers, and statement furniture pieces.


We celebrate the visual narratives of our vibrant region, depicting tales of artistic oddity


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