Roman Handmade Ceramic Carved Bowl

Roman Handmade Ceramic Carved Bowl

Three Pots

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Carved intricate bowl. Everything about this bowl is intricate from its color which is impossible to define to the patterns to the feel when you hold it.


Details :

  • Material : Ceramic 
  • Color : Brown 
  • Size : 15 cm diameter / 9 cm height

Three Pots

Sara El Sayad is a potter and artist who started her journey in ceramics in early 2019. She was inspired by a friend potter's beautiful work. She quickly fell in love with clay and the magic of creating from the earth. Her work planted itself in the roots of nature and her creations took on this earthen feeling and colors where you can almost smell the soil and grass and leaves.. She however wanted to create art that you can see, touch and use any moment of the day, so she made cups and teapots and bowls and plates and vases with each piece unique and special in its own way.


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