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Sailing Beirut

Maher Attar

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Nothing is very constant in Beirut. Certainly not dreams. But despair isn’t constant either. Beirut is a city to be loved and hated a thousand times a day. Every day. It is exhausting, but it is also beautiful.

‘Coronavirus hit everyone hard, and the homeless even harder... Since March 12th, during his walks around the city of Beirut, Maher Attar was struck by the number of discarded gloves and masks he saw on his daily short routes. He immediately decided to document this strange phenomenon. People dispensed of them everywhere and the wind blew them away with plastic waste. He was concerned that the contaminated waste could itself transmit the disease’...

The tiled images are used as building blocks for the final superimposed images. The result is a magnificent series of mosaics of masks and gloves based on photos taken by the artist such as portraits and landscapes.

‘Photography is the most influential medium for environmental awareness’,  ..

The Beirut-based artist uses his photography as an instrument of environmental awareness. His surreal portraits serve the same purpose. His message reads ‘Despite all, always stay hygienic, stay positive’.

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Maher Attar

Maher Attar, an award-winning photographer with his war-time photography and lifestyle portrait of world leaders and celebrities. His clients include magazines, celebrities and non-profit organizations. Maher held a number of positions as a photographer, communications advisor and Director of image bank and organizing programs designed for NGOs to teach children from Asian countries the techniques of photography. Maher has been recognized regionally and internationally for his accomplishments in the world of photography. Lebanon honored him in the exhibition “Born in Lebanon” alongside the world-renowned singer Fayrouz and the internationally acclaimed fashion designer Elie Saab. The United Nations Environment Programme, exhibited his work at the Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris entitled, “Auprès de mon Arbre”, featuring nine large-format photographs celebrating nature, water and life. In addition, the United Nations Photo Library has archived and used Maher’s moving picture of the French UN Peacekeeper during an exchange of fire in south Lebanon in 1986. Maher was selected by the MEP (European House of Photography) and IMA (the Arab World Institute) to exhibit his latest Lomography work at the First Photography Biennale of the Contemporary Arab World in Paris from November 2015 to January 2016. To Fuel his passion for art, Maher has had the idea of creating a fine art book that toiled in his head for more than ten years. However, it was not until he returned to his homeland, Lebanon, that “Be Creative” came to life. As an artist and a professional, Maher tells true stories of artists, by an artist. Maher has published more than 10 books and currently working on a historical photo project titled ‘BERYTUS ' ' A Glorified City’.


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