The Gossip Painting Print

The Gossip Painting Print

Ghia Haddad

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The Gossip Print is based on an original silk painting; it is printed on a Hahnemuhle Photo Matt Fiber Paper in 200gsm. It is a unique piece in quality with its beautiful vibrant colors. Highlighting the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and language it is as true as the original. 

With the word Said and was told in arabic or tittle - tattles 


•Medium: Silk Painting Print on Matt Fiber Paper 200 gsm 
•Color: Multi colored 
•Dimension : 46 cm  x 42 cm

Ghia Haddad

While my graphic design experience and my public community art projects have developed my skills as an artist who is successful at building community through art, I continue to be mostly interested in creating artwork that directly addresses the global conversation. These past 2 years have seen many crucial issues come front and center and the current pandemic has given artists like me the time and space to address these ideas to a global audience on social media. Before the pandemic, I was dedicating my artistic energy outwards, towards enriching and empowering others in my community. These last 18 months, however, through the pandemic restrictions, I turned my energy inwards. And through this quest, I have found that my Arab background makes me hyper-aware of constant misrepresentations and damaging stereotypes that minority women are subjected to on a regular basis; particularly how politics directly and deliberately alters the shape we take, and how this shape often becomes our own projection of ourselves. In response, I try to use my art and the vehicle of social media to take back that narrative and project an alternative image and a de-colonized self. I often accompany my posts with a piece of written text or poem to complement the image.


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