The Pink Bird Painting

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The Pink Bird Painting

Maral Maniss

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The Pink Bird Painting 


The Pink Bird Painting by Maral Maniss is a representation of self-exploration and looking at life from a new perspective. After the Beirut blast, people were devastated and started looking for freedom or any signs of hope. In this painting, the bird resembles the freedom that we are searching for. The black strokes represent the grief we carry with us while searching for freedom. In the painting, the bird is looking at the left side as it is grieving but also with signs of hope outlined in yellow above the head of the bird. The small size of the painting resembles the box that we are currently trapped in while still having hope for freedom.


Details :

  • Medium: Mixed Media Acrylic, Ink & Pencil
  • Color: Multicolored 
  • White Frame with matte glass 
  • Production Year: 2021
  • Dimensions: 16.0 x 16.0 cm (with frame)
  • Signed by the artist 



Maral Maniss

Maral Maniss is a Lebanese visual artist with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts and Architecture. She has participations in many group and private exhibitions locally and internationally:Monte Carlo, Paris,Los Angelos, Dubai, Syria,Mumbai.. Her paintings and sculptures are part of collections at MACAM museum- Byblos and also within private collectors and Art lovers., Maral Maniss is at the board member of the Syndicate of Lebanese artists. Maral Maniss teaches Fine arts in non-governmental organizations and in private schools. Her recent exhibition was about the Beirut explosion where she was heavily affected, titled:"Introspection". with abstract and expressive style and linear forms, she uses various mediums and sizes.


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