Trees, where are you going?

Tamara Haddad


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This Painting an oil painting on rough canvas.

The painting talks about deforestation, a main environmental subject nowadays. We should be aware of the importance of trees: they are the lungs of the Earth, without them we can not survive.

Tamara Haddad

Born in Beirut in a family dedicated to Art and Architecture, Tamara Haddad is heavily influenced by the spirit and lifestyle of her father Georges Haddad, a pioneer of modern architecture in Lebanon. After graduating in 2005 from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA) with a master degree in Advertising Art Direction, she embarked in a unique journey to the other side of the world. Led by her passion for photography, she ventured across the streets and landscapes of Nepal and Tibet capturing the region’s most impressive scenery. Inspired by her series of photos, Tamara Haddad decided to expand her artistic horizon and thus devoted herself to painting. Fascinated by nature and wide open spaces, she gives the landscape a new dimension. Her recent work is focused on physical transformations that earth is enduring nowadays either caused by natural phenomenas or by mankind actions. She uses natural materials such as sand, bark, pebble and branches introducing a new form of painting in Lebanon.


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