Way to Home Acrylic and Oil Pastel Painting

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Way To Home Acrylic And Oil Pastel Painting

Layla Dagher

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Way to home Acrylic and oil pastel Painting


"In my painting, I use bright and vibrant colors, I try to introduce the interior space into my cityscape and try to depict the interaction between two worlds.

My inspirations are first and foremost everything I see, live, and experience. I capture the beauty all around me. I am in constant need of exploration for colors, mediums, and composition to finish a work of art."

This lively Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas painting tell the tales of experience, life, and the roads we cross every day. The paths we share and learn from, are resembled for everyone who sees to relate. It is definitely the painting for the eye and the soul!




  • Title: Way to home
  • Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Size: 70x70 cm
  • Production: 2021
  • Painting signed by the artist 
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Layla Dagher

Layla Dagher is born in Beirut. Studied at ALBA (Lebanese academy of fine arts) and earned her diploma in Visual Arts with honors degree. She teaches Fine Arts in several universities. She participated in many international and local exhibitions, individuals and collectives, biennale and salons including Salon d'Automne Sursock Museum ,Salon d'Automne Paris 2020 and Maru Center Seoul Korea 2021. Her paintings are part of the collections of the Lebanese Ministry of culture. She is a member of Syndicate of Lebanese artists. Her more recent works considers the relationship between cities and humans. Through figurative, expressionist and abstract forms , She uses various mediums and vibrant colors to combine cityscape, figures and still life.


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