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Tatreez handmade embroidered cushion

USDUSD 165.00

Add some colors to your space with these unique handmade embroidered cushions! 

The motifs embroidered on this cushion add the perfect lively touch to your room, an authentic hint of color that cannot be ignored. 

The Tatreez cushion is meticulously and so elegantly hand embroidered to make the perfect fit for all rooms and spaces. 



  • Material: Canvas
  • Hand embroidered with DMC threads
  • Color: Pink 
  • Size: 40 x 37 cm
  • Culture: Palestine
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Palestinian Heritage handmade embroidered cushion

USDUSD 155.00

Beautiful embroidered cushion cover with vibrant floral expert craftsmanship and attention to detail go into this canvas cushion cover. This cushion easily intermingles with any decor theme. 

The elegant hand-embroidered motifs and well-crafted design make it a piece that cannot be ignored in any setting. It is a perfect fit for any room or setting to reflect authenticity, heritage, and elegance. 




  • Material: Canvas 
  • Hand embroidered with DMC threads 
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 45 x 20 cm
  • Culture: Palestine
  • Origin: Lebanon 

HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper


HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper

USDUSD 1,800.00 USDUSD 1,530.00

This Kufi art calligraphy is delicately inked on handmade paper. It is inspired by Islamic calligraphy and art. 

The Kufi font has been used in various archetypes and architectural decoration, it was the preferred Arabic font and has been immensely appreciated and connected to the divine. 

This calligraphy art adds an authentic, bold, and elegant touch to any room. It taps into our love for the rich Arabic culture and its marvelous inspirations. 



  • Material: Ink on handmade paper 
  • Kufi font calligraphy 
  • Size: 48 x 66 cm

Lilas Plexi Tray w/ Embroidered Insert

USDUSD 80.00

Laser-cut plexi trays, feature meticulously hand-embroidered inserts in a range of traditional patterns, motifs and colors.  The trays lend themselves to the perfect hosting experience. They come in clear or black plexi.

Thoroughly adaptable, the embroidered inserts can be changed according to the occasion.

The Lilas plexi tray with embroidered inserts and patterns can serve as a beautiful and artistic home decor accessory, that adds a touch of elegance to any hosting experience.

Enjoy adapting these distinctive trays as a great home accessory or as a special gift to others. 




  • Material: Plexi with hand-embroidered inserts 
  • Hand made embroidery inserts with DMC threads
  • Plexi color: transparent 
  • Size: 42 X 17 cm
  • Culture: Palestine

Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting


Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting

USDUSD 750.00 USDUSD 600.00

An expression of ideas and emotions, a breezy aesthetic of Jasmines and Coffee bean buds that are a delightful visual in any room. It can also be placed in a cafe, an outdoor garden area, or even at the center of a living room or a family room, etc. The elements within this painting are a language of sensations of volume, space, movement, and light. 

With dimensions of 150cm by 100cm, having lovingly worked on this piece, it is a bright colorful painting full of happiness and vibrant energy. 



  • Size: 150 x 100 cm 

Guitar and Vase Still Life Mixed Media Artwork

USDUSD 2,600.00

Inspired by the cubism of Braque and Picasso this still life is based on a musical theme. It was inspired by jazz and its various symbols.

Jazz music washes away the dust of everyday life. It elevates us to a new level of happiness and proves that magic truly exists. Throughout its history, Jazz was known as the voice of those who cannot speak, the voice of the people suffering in silence. Whilst few things are more inspiring than music and the world of endless beauty that it opens for us. It expresses feelings and thoughts that cannot be put into words.



  • Medium: mixed media of fabric, fabric paint, acrylic, and inks on canvas  
  • Size: 100 x 106 cm 

Second Street Summer Linen White Abaya

USDUSD 320.00

Comfortable, relaxed, stylish, and beautifully embroidered, Inaash transforms traditional garments into must-have clothes.

This soft, simple linen abaya with intricate leaves embroidery is in collaboration with CSB Second Street. 

Its color, fabric, and design make this piece the perfect piece for summer. It is so uniquely and meticulously designed to capture the hearts and boost your confidence with style.




  • Material: Linen
  • Hand embroidered with DMC thread 
  • Color: White
  • Embroidered on the back and the right side sleeve
  • Size: 120 x 85 cm
  • Culture: Palestine 
  • Origin: Lebanon 


Can you find me Acrylic and oil Pastel Painting

USDUSD 2,700.00

"My paintings explore the city-human relationship. I use vibrant and bright colors to evoke emotional feelings. I try to depict the interaction between the inner and the outer world."

This painting resembles the connection of the humans with the city, it touches the heart through the eye with the relatable tales it conveys. With its rich colors and countless embedded stories, it adds a unique elegant touch to any room. 




  • Title: Can you find me
  • Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Size: 70x70 cm
  • Production: 2021
  • Painting signed by the artist 
  • Origin: Lebanon

Hand-embroidered Leather grey handbag

USDUSD 280.00

Evenings never looked more stylish! The punched leather hand-embroidered clutch bag will elevate and complement your outfits with its most elegant and trendy details! 
Style it in your own way to add character and reflect authenticity in your appearance. It is definitely the piece your wardrobe can use!




  • Material: Leather 
  • Hand-embroidered with DMC threads 
  • Color: Gray
  • Chamoix fabric interior
  • Zipper pocket on the inside 
  • Gold-toned metal clasp
  • Size: 29 x 15 cm
  • Culture: Palestine
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Najaf Hand-embroidered beaded Jacket

USDUSD 650.00

With formal pants, pair of jeans, or a boho skirt … this fawn chic jacket will definitely be the perfect piece to dress up and impress! You can style it to fit your occasions and look fabulous in the most original and outstanding way! 
From the fabric to the embroidery details, it is elegantly and meticulously hand-made and well designed to complete your stylish glam looks!



  • Material: Najaf Fabric
  • Hand-embroidered with DMC threads and beads 
  • See-through material  
  • Color: Red
  • Embroidered on shoulders, hands edges, and back 
  • Size: 75 x 77 cm 
  • Culture: Palestine 
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Bokja Blue Bag Hand embroidered Dabke figures

USDUSD 120.00

Add a touch of individuality and authenticity to your looks! This one-of-a-kind bag speaks out tradition in a very stylish and elegant manner. The people dancing the traditional Middle eastern Dabke are very precisely hand embroidered to give the bag a lively appearance rich with countless cultural tales and nostalgia. It reflects the beauty within their spirits and the people's love for joy, resilience, and their ability to find countless reasons to celebrate. 

This stylish bag will add a special look to your outfit and will definitely stand out to reflect your elegance, liveliness, and youthful spirit!




  • Material: linen 
  • Color: multicolored
  • Traditional Syrian Moire’ interior 
  • Dancing people are hand embroidered 
  • Size: 74 x 22 cm 
  • Culture: Middle east
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Thamania light blue Islamic geometry medium upcycled bag

USDUSD 132.30

Looking for an eco-friendly stylish addition to your wardrobe? WE GOT YOU COVERED!
Add an authentic edge to your day or night outfit for a look that would definitely stand out in the crowd! Let the blend of colors and premium design speak for you wherever you go. 
Not only will you capture attention, but you will also be contributing to the well-being of the environment in a world on the verge of an environmental crisis. It is surely a piece that holds plenty of heartwarming tales! 



  • Material: Embroidery by hand with upcycled plastic bags threads
  • Lining: Blue cotton fabric   
  • Color: Light Blue, white and yellow
  • Size: Medium
  • Pattern: Islamic ART geometry [Thamania] 
  • Strap: Gold chain
  • Feature: Made locally in Jeddah by marginalized artisans out of plastic bags, light, and eco friendly
  • Packaging: branded dust bag made of organic cotton placed in a Kraft recycled box
  • Culture: Middle east 
  • Origin: Saudi Arabia 


Tips :

  • You can wear it as crossbody bag or remove the chain and use it as a clutch 
  • Avoid water or perfumes on any metal of the bag 
  • When not in use, keep it inside its dust bag protected for durability



Braided  cross bag strap with metal clasp Braided  cross bag strap with metal clasp


Braided cross bag strap with metal clasp

USDUSD 40.00 USDUSD 34.00

It is a time-tested fact that black cross body straps are timeless and elegant.  This Adjustable & Vegan leather bag strap can be mixed and matched with your outfit to give you the perfect look.
It is easy to style and pair with any of your bags! With a hint of colors and design aesthetic, you can upgrade your looks.
  • Material: Ethnic Fabric
  • Vegan Havan leather on the edge and lining/back 
  • Color: Mix of Red Gold and Beige  
  • Featuring a gold tone accessory (Metalclasp).
  • Length : 115 cm -  Width :4cm
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Havane Hand embroidered Bag Strap

USDUSD 125.00

Give your handbag its own personality with an impeccably hand embroidered, trendy Inaah bag strap! 

This heritage carrier is a great fit for any bag!  Finding your perfect match depends on your style and your individual look, so feel free to choose the bag strap that fits you best from our distinguished collection.

This embroidered handmade bag strap comes in the color Havane (color from the inside). It will definitely make your bag and outfit stand out, feel alive, and fun.

Transform your outfits and level up your style game!





  • Material: Canvas 
  • Hand embroidered with DMC threads
  • Havane genuine Leather Lining 
  • Bronze metal clasp 
  • Length: 110 cm 
  • Width: 5 cm 
  • Culture: Palestine 
  • Origin: Lebanon 

3ala hazihi el 2ard ma yastahiko el haya gold plated earrings

USDUSD 81.00

Beautiful calligraphy earrings that engraves "3ala hazihi el 2ard ma yastahiko el hayat", which is the Arabic of: “We have on this land that which makes this life worth living"  Mahmoud Darwish poem.

 By starting a verse on one ear and continuing the rest on the second, you create interest that adds to the charm of this piece.



  • Handmade goldplated earrings
  • Dimensions: 3cm diameter
  • Care instructions: Avoid perfume and chemicals near this ite
  • Origin: Lebanon
  • Culture: Lebanon


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