Fatehpur Lamp Fatehpur Lamp


Fatehpur Lamp

USD2,000.00 USD1,200.00

The Fatehpur lamp is a part of DAMJ’s carved shell series, named after the location where the piece’s carved motif is found; the great Masjid of Fatehpur, India. The pattern is altered to create a distorted gradient of shapes from top to bottom. The piece is carved from solid Beech wood.

Houses With Window Shutters


A beautiful plexi box, with six dividers, designed for a variety of uses.

The box tells the story of the region's Mediterranean windows, bathing under the sun and facing the blue sea, creating an artistic tableau by themselves. 

The box can be used for multiple purposes, to serve tea envelopes or sweets, to store your jewelry, or simply as a part of your home decor and accessories. 

This beautiful  box would make a wonderful gift at every occasion.

Wise Leaves - Long Crudite Bowl


This beautifully crafted and hand-painted ceramic bowl will give your next gathering a warm, elegant touch while It can also look great as a display or centerpiece!  

Carefully styled home decor accessories, to meet the highest quality standards of home decor arts. Add a touch of arts and creativity to your home settings by placing this beautifully handpainted and handcrafted decorative sphere in any corner you choose. 

You can buy this Handcrafted ceramic bowl alone or as part of a set.

Sandra Decorative Bowl


The "Sandra" ceramic decorative bowl from Bkerzay is a wonderful home décor that goes perfectly as a centerpiece. The decorative handmade ceramic bowl is an artwork you cannot ignore in any setting, especially with the handpainted unique patterns in blue and pink.

Let this beautiful piece of ceramic art and painting, from the Bkerzay workshop, add a touch of color, authenticity, and elegance to any room of your home.

The ceramic masterpiece is a 23.5x9.5 cm, making it a perfect fit for all rooms and spaces.



Metal Lamp made of Antique Sewing Machines

Antar and Abla


These are sculptures of Abla and Antar inspired by the poem of Abla and Antar.

The sculpture is placed on a black wooden stand. 

Lilas Plexi Tray w/ Embroidered Insert


Laser cut plexi trays, feature meticulously hand-embroidered inserts in a range of traditional patterns, motifs and colors, the trays lend themselves to the perfect hosting experience. The trays come in clear or black plexi.

Thoroughly adaptable, the embroidered inserts can be changed according to the occasion.

Enjoy adapting these distinctive trays as a great home accessory or as a special gift to others. 

Paper Mache Musicians


These Musician sculptures are made from Paper Mache and are placed on box-like stands. They can be ordered in different colors and sizes with a variety of musical instruments.

 All of these paper mache sculptures were inspired by the art of paper mache from Mexico and Peru.

Blue Leaves - Long Crudite Bowl


This beautifully crafted and hand-painted ceramic bowl will give your next gathering a warm, elegant touch. It also looks great as display piece!  

Carefully styled to meet the highest quality standards.    

You can buy this piece alone or as part of a set.

Wave table Wave table


Wave table

USD4,250.00 USD3,000.00

Wave Table is a modern interpretation of the traditional craft of in-layed sadaf (mother of pearl). Based on a slab of rosewood and elevated on detachable walnut legs, the table sits as a feast for the eyes. A unique feature of the fabrication process is that each individual piece is made with an original sadaf in-lay pattern. Therefore each owner of a wave table has a design unique to them and no one else.

Qanawat Lamp Qanawat Lamp


Qanawat Lamp

USD2,500.00 USD1,200.00

The Qanawat Globe is part of DAMJ’s carved shell series, named after the location where the piece’s carving motif is found. Each lamp goes through numerous stages and techniques to be carved and are either finished in matte white or natural Beech wood exterior, while the inside receives gold leaf treatment.

Abla 2


This is a paper mache sculpture of Abla once again inspired by the poem of Abla and Antar. It is another version of her with reddish-orange hair and she is placed on a wooden stand.

She comes in different colors . Colors can be chosen by the client.

Sculpture is 50cm in height, 25cm in width, and 25cm in depth.

Harmonic Tables Harmonic Tables


Harmonic Tables

USD1,600.00 USD1,500.00

Harmonic Tables take the base of the Amoeba design and overlay a 12-pointed star pattern. Using Walnut and Sadaf for the star the design is based on a mathematical harmonic growth pattern. The star pattern produced is then distorted, causing one side to diminish in size so that the sadaf and walnut elements approach near invisibility. The asymmetry is balanced once the two are placed in an overlapped configuration.

Dimensions of each unit: 57.0x57.0x66.0CM

Hive Lamp


the Hive Lamp is a multifunctional unit that can be used for ambient or task lighting depending on how it is hung. The inspiration for the design came through experiments in drum fabrication using plywood. In order to create the shell, plywood rings are cut, chamfered, and stacked. Polycarbonate is added as the diffuser; slotting into the bottom layer.

Antar Sculpture


This is a paper mache sculpture of the character Antar from the love poem Antar and Abla. It is placed on a black painted wooden stand.

The figure is holding Abla. 

Dimensions: 70cm in height, 25 cm in width, and 25 cm in depth.


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