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Maximus Lamp


By restoring antique and forgotten machinery to create new home décor accessories, the artist breathes life back into what was once considered "outdated".

The Maximus metal lamp is more than just a lighting accessory, it is a unique artwork that speaks a thousand words. A message that even what does not belong to our current industrialized world, can serve a great purpose and become a piece of art; much like the antique sewing machine used to create this beautiful lamp. This unique lamp reveals a new side to the beauty of recycling.

Add the Maximus metal lamp to any setting you choose, and add a touch of antiquity to your home.

Tai Chi Side Table


Transformed from an antique sewing machine into a side table designed as a human figure. This piece is inspired by the ancient Chinese form of graceful mind and body exercise. It resembles the importance of balance between the body and the mind for a rewarding and fulfilling life. Harmony is key to wellness and happiness. 

Add this one of a kind furniture artwork to your home decor and give a touch of brilliance and creativity to any setting.

Little Elfie Side Table


Grandma's antique sewing machine has been repurposed as an eyecatching side table that will no doubt be a central topic of conversation during any gathering. 
Match this lively one-of-a-kind piece of history with any home decor. Give your home the touch of art and creativity it needs with this gorgeous furniture artwork created from antique objects. 
This one of a kind artwork is a testament that there is beauty in everything. Even old objects still have a tale to tell.

Dancer Side Table


Grandma's sewing antique machine is now artistically designed to create an eye-catching side table that can go with any type of furniture. It is inspired by the defined moves of dancers and the emotions that they communicate through unique movements.

This unique iron side table will bring life to any room and flows with any home decor setting.

Give your home the touch of art and creativity it needs with the best furniture artwork, created from antique objects.


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