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Harmonic Tables

USD 1,600.00
USD 1,500.00

Hive Lamp

USD 350.00


USD 1,280.00
Harmonic Tables Harmonic Tables


Harmonic Tables

USD1,600.00 USD1,500.00

The unique Harmonic Tables take the base of the Amoeba design and overlay a 12-pointed star pattern. Using Walnut and Sadaf for the star the design is based on a mathematical harmonic growth pattern. The star pattern produced is then distorted, causing one side to diminish in size so that the sadaf and walnut elements approach near invisibility. The asymmetry is balanced once the two are placed in an overlapped configuration.

With its mathematical magic, the Harmonic Tables can be the star of your home decor setting.

Hive Lamp


the Hive Lamp is a multifunctional unit that can be used for ambient or task lighting depending on how it is hung. The inspiration for the design came through experiments in drum fabrication using plywood. In order to create the shell, plywood rings are cut, chamfered, and stacked. Polycarbonate is added as the diffuser; slotting into the bottom layer.

With its unique design and beautiful shape, the Hive lamp globe will surely be a head-turner, that adds a touch of individuality to any home decor setting you choose.



Part of "Beirut Tribute" Collection honoring traditions and forgotten days.

A multifunctional item designed to reflect the need to balance between inner nurturing and work routines. An elegant desk that can be transformed into a meditation seat.


We celebrate the visual narratives of our vibrant region, depicting tales of artistic oddity


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