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Ranalma Swarovski Bangle

USDUSD 140.00

 Swarovki Stones delicately stitched on a Black and Gold Fabric - Along with Two 18K Gold plated Cone Shaped endings.

Size is adjustable. 


Details :

  • Material: Handstitched Swarovski stones on Black & Gold Fabric 
  • Two 18 K Gold Plated Cone-shaped Endings 
  • Color : Black and gold
  • Size: Adjustable 
  • Width 1.9 cm / Diameter 19 cm 

Set El Kel Hand Embroidered Scarf

USDUSD 86.00

Set El Kel Hand Embroidered Scarf 


Our bestseller scarf is an exclusive piece of Horouf's. It has a very soft texture. It is hand-embroidered by the greatest artisans in the region with Arabic calligraphy that fits a lady that is so special to you. Finally it is a very versatile piece as it can be worn from day to night. It is also a very thoughtful gift and unique gift. 


  • Material :100% Viscose Fiber
  • Color : Available in Black 
  • Size : 30.0 x 180.0 cm 

My Universe Gold Plated Bracelet with Leather Strap

USDUSD 90.00

Gold Plated Bracelet with Leather Strap 

My Universe Gold Plated Bracelet with Leather Strap by Qasaed Jewelry is a single strapped leather bracelet with an 18k gold plated plate. This standout piece has the phrase "The universe is reduced to you" on it in Arabic which emphasizes the importance of Love in our lives. This piece can be styled with your casual and night looks. It's just the perfect item to add to your jewelry.


Details :

  • Material: Gold Plated with black leather strap
  •  Care instructions: Avoid perfume and chemicals near this item.
  • Color : Gold & Black 
  • Size : Adjustable 
  • Origin : Lebanon

Lined butterfly Handmade Gold-Plated Earrings

USDUSD 50.00


Lined butterfly Handmade Gold-Plated Earrings

The Lined butterflies handmade golden earrings are just the piece of jewelry you need for a perfect outing. 
Pamper yourself in the luxury that you deserve with these Lined Butterflies artistic earrings. Made of Brass and black rhodium, the handmade earrings are then plated in 18 Karat gold. The lightly texture gives them a 3D effect rarely seen in any piece of jewelry.
Add the lined butterflies golden earrings to your outfits and feel the confidence and empowerment of their artistic design. 




  • Material: 18K Gold Plated Brass and Black Rhodium
  • Plated in 18K gold 3 times to maintain premium quality 
  • Lightly textured to create 3D effect
  • Color: black and gold
  • Size: 2.5 x 6 cm 
  • Pierced earrings

KURSI Verse Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper KURSI Verse Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper


KURSI Verse Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper

USDUSD 6,000.00 USDUSD 5,100.00

KURSI Verse Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper 



This Kufi art calligraphy is delicately inked on handmade paper with 24k Gold. It is inspired by Islamic calligraphy and art. 

The Kufi font has been used in various archetypes and architectural decoration, it was the preferred Arabic font and has been immensely appreciated and connected to the divine. 

This calligraphy art adds an authentic, bold, and elegant touch to any room. It taps into our love for the rich Arabic culture and its marvelous inspirations. 




  • Material: Ink on Handmade paper with 24k Gold
  • Kufi font calligraphy 
  • Color: Black and Gold
  • Size: 56 x 78 cm
  • Calligraphy signed by the artist 
  • Culture: Syria 
  • Origin: Turkey 

Maqam Nahawand 02 musical calligraphy

USDUSD 450.00

Maqam Nahawand 02 musical calligraphy 

This drawing reflects the artist’s inspiration by the Arabic calligraphy, music, and poetry.  In this painting, the artist chose to draw Maqam Nahawand  (one of the melodic modes used in traditional Arabic music), to show us the romantic and passionate side that each person has within themself.

This beautifully drawn maqam is loved by many for its ability to bear the feeling of happiness and nostalgia. Akil Ahmad builds each maqam on a scale and carries a tradition that defines its habitual phrases, important notes, melodic development, and modulation.   

For the artist, maqam is the captured moments turned by the movement and visual language. When drawing maqams, he takes us on a journey full of musical sounds and emotions. 

You can buy this piece alone or as part of a set.




  • Medium: Ink on art paper with gold leaf
  • Color: Black and white
  • Size: 35 x 50 cm 
  • Calligraphy signed by artist
  • Can be purchased alone or as part of a set
  • Culture: Syria


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