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Beit Lebanese House Linen Hand embroidered side bag

USDUSD 70.00

Hand embroidered side bag 

Hold the beauty of the typical Lebanese House with you anywhere you go! This bag resembles the warmth and antiquity of these houses with their red-brick roofs and the laughter and memories they hold in.

The combination of silk and meticulous hand embroidery make this bag an elegant addition to your outfits and a stylish hint of heritage to your looks. It is just the piece you need for a casual flare full of nostalgia.




  • Material: Thick blue Linen
  • Hand embroidered with silk parts
  • Color: Denim 
  • Syrian traditional textile saye interior
  • Size: 28x20 cm
  • Strap length: 110 cm
  • Zipper fastening
  • Origin: Lebanon


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