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Hob Hand Embroidered T-shirt

USDUSD 45.00

This top has a meaningful hand-embroidery that shows the word "love" in Arabic shaped like a heart. 


Details :

  • Material: 100% Cotton 
  • Features hand-embroidered Arabic Calligraphy 
  • Color: white
  • Culture: Arabian

Go To Essentials Gold-Plated Bracelet

USDUSD 40.00


Go To Essentials Gold-Plated Bracelet

Made of brass and gold-plated in 18K gold. Our favorite go-to bracelets are perfect to dress up any outfit with these colorful druzy gemstones. To complete the look our bracelet is then embellished with white zircon.

The go-to essentials bracelet is a truly elegant accessory, that intends to bring out confidence, passion, and empowerment when worn.

This bracelet is made of a combination of colors, blue, gold, and green, which makes it a perfect fit for any of the outfits you choose.




  • Material: brass and gold-plated in 18K gold, colorful druzy 
  • Plated in 18K gold 3 times to maintain premium quality
  • Color: available in colors white or green 
  • One size, adjustable 

Handmade White Rectangular Colorful Hob Clutch Bag

USDUSD 247.00


This Handmade white rectangular Plexi Colorful Clutch Bag  is the perfect statement to have in your closet. This piece is special wear it and spread some Love & positivity around the world with this Love Clutch. It is white and has the word Love in Arabic in colorful acrylic font all over.

  • Material:  Plexiglass
  • Color: White base with multicolors on top
  • Square clear acrylic handle  with Magnetic lock
  • Transparent sides and white back 
  • Dimensions: 17.0 x 10.0 cm
  • Origin : Jordan 

Qanawat Carved Beechwood Lamp Globe Qanawat Carved Beechwood Lamp Globe


Qanawat Carved Beechwood Lamp Globe

USDUSD 2,500.00 USDUSD 1,200.00

Qanawat Carved Beechwood Lamp Globe 


The Qanawat Globe is part of DAMJ’s carved shell series, named after the location where the piece’s carving motif is found. Each lamp goes through numerous stages and techniques to be carved and are either finished in matte white or natural Beechwood exterior, while the inside receives gold leaf treatment.

With its unique design and beautiful shape, the Qanawat lamp globe will surely be a head-turner, that adds a touch of individuality to any home decor setting you choose.




  • Material: Beechwood 
  • Carved motifs
  • Color: white
  • Gold leaf treated interior
  • Size: 45 x 45 x 40 cm
  • Origin: Lebanon 


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