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Be Thankful No.3 Metallic Acrylic Painting

USDUSD 300.00

Metallic Acrylic Painting

Part of the flying letters series. Be Thankful is an abstract painting that focuses on the magic of the Arabic letters, their connection to each other, and when combined they make a single pattern of art.

  • Material: Metallic Acrylics on MDF.
  • Color: Multicolor.
  • Size: 60.0 x 100.0  cm
  • Year: 2021

Olive Green Handmade Ceramic Autumn Bowl

USDUSD 105.00

Olive Green Handmade Ceramic Autumn Bowl by Three Pots with intricate brown and olive green patterns. Reminds one of the autumn's early leaves falling peacefully and elegantly on the moist grass. 

Details :

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Color: Olive green 
  • Size : 22.0 cm 
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Beautiful Things Hand-painted T-shirt

USDUSD 54.00

Probably the most poetic play on words you'll see on a basic black t-shirt. The hand-painted front translates to:" Behind patience,..." and the Calligraphy on the back answers:" Beautiful things await"

Details :

  • Material: 100% Cotton 
  • Features hand-painted Arabic Calligraphy 
  • Color: Black
  • Culture: Arabian?

?Taking care of your hand-painted items:

 Machine wash 30 °C or below, but hand washing is much preferable.

 Do not tumble dry. Air dry instead.

 Do not iron the painted calligraphy directly, but rather use a protective cloth and do not use steam.

 Do not use bleach, softeners, or any alcohol-based cleaners. Alcohol of any kind will destroy the painting.

Roman Handmade Ceramic Carved Bowl

USDUSD 95.00

Carved intricate bowl. Everything about this bowl is intricate from its color which is impossible to define to the patterns to the feel when you hold it.


Details :

  • Material : Ceramic 
  • Color : Brown 
  • Size : 15 cm diameter / 9 cm height

Set of Ceramic Handmade Earthen Jug And Jar

USDUSD 150.00

An alluring set of an earthern Jug (1L) and Jar with a lid.  Keep your color earthy and enjoy a peaceful and elegant style.

A set of six matching cups is also available.  Please send us a WhatsApp message to get more details about the set of cups.


Details :

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Color: Beige 
  • Size of Jar: 11 cm diameter, 14 cm height
  • Size of Jug: 12 cm diameter, 21 cm height 



Handmade Ceramic Planter with Autumn Leaf Design

USDUSD 90.00

Place this alluring handmade planter in your home and lend it a fascinating look. This small planter with its plate features a modern attractive design inspired by the colors and shapes of autumn.


  • Material : Ceramic 
  • Color: Brown 
  • Size : 10 cm diameter, 14 cm height

Julia Handmade Rag Doll

USDUSD 300.00

Julia is a lovely handmade rag doll. crafted and designed by Ammona Handmade. Sure that her natural blonde hair & facial features will become part of your sweet dreams. Old designed replaceable Cotton dress .

Details :

  • Material: Stuffed cotton
  • Size: 20.0 x 50.0 cm 
  • Dress: Cotton + Lace 
  • Natural Camel Hair
  • Genuine Leather Shoes.
  • Present: Book & hat as in picture


Tatreez handmade embroidered cushion

USDUSD 165.00

Add some colors to your space with these unique handmade embroidered cushions! 


The motifs embroidered on this cushion add the perfect lively touch to your room, an authentic hint of color that cannot be ignored. 

The Tatreez cushion is meticulously and so elegantly hand embroidered to make the perfect fit for all rooms and spaces. 



  • Material: Canvas
  • Hand embroidered with DMC threads
  • Color: Pink 
  • Size: 40 x 37 cm
  • Culture: Palestine
  • Origin: Lebanon 

HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper


HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper

USDUSD 1,800.00 USDUSD 1,530.00

HOU Calligraphy art on Handmade Paper


This Kufi art calligraphy is delicately inked on handmade paper. It is inspired by Islamic calligraphy and art. 

The Kufi font has been used in various archetypes and architectural decoration, it was the preferred Arabic font and has been immensely appreciated and connected to the divine. 

This calligraphy art adds an authentic, bold, and elegant touch to any room. It taps into our love for the rich Arabic culture and its marvelous inspirations. 



  • Material: Ink on handmade paper 
  • Kufi font calligraphy 
  • Size: 48 x 66 cm

Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting


Jasmines & Coffee Beans Painting

USDUSD 750.00 USDUSD 600.00


Jasmine and Coffee Beans painting

An expression of ideas and emotions, a breezy aesthetic of Jasmines and Coffee bean buds that are a delightful visual in any room. This piece by Amal Sorany can also be placed in a cafe, an outdoor garden area, or even at the center of a living room or a family room, etc. The elements within this painting are a language of sensations of volume, space, movement, and light. Also, having lovingly worked on this piece, it is a bright colorful painting full of happiness and vibrant energy. 



  • Material : Acrylic Painting 
  • Color: Multi colored 
  • Size: 150.0  x 100.0  cm 
  • Origin: Lebanon

Can You Find Me Acrylic and Oil Pastel Painting

USDUSD 2,700.00


Can You Find Me Acrylic and Oil Pastel Painting

"My paintings explore the city-human relationship. I use vibrant and bright colors to evoke emotional feelings. I try to depict the interaction between the inner and the outer world."

This painting resembles the connection of the humans with the city, it touches the heart through the eye with the relatable tales it conveys. With its rich colors and countless embedded stories, it adds a unique elegant touch to any room. 




  • Title: Can you find me
  • Medium: Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Size: 70.0 x 70.0  cm
  • Production: 2021
  • Painting signed by the artist 

Bokja Blue Bag Hand embroidered Dabke figures

USDUSD 120.00


 Blue Bag Hand embroidered Dabke figures

Add a touch of individuality and authenticity to your looks! This one-of-a-kind bag speaks out tradition in a very stylish and elegant manner. The people dancing the traditional Middle eastern Dabke are very precisely hand embroidered to give the bag a lively appearance rich with countless cultural tales and nostalgia. It reflects the beauty within their spirits and the people's love for joy, resilience, and their ability to find countless reasons to celebrate. 

This stylish bag will add a special look to your outfit and will definitely stand out to reflect your elegance, liveliness, and youthful spirit!




  • Material: linen 
  • Color: multicolored
  • Traditional Syrian Moire’ interior 
  • Dancing people are hand embroidered 
  • Size: 74 x 22 cm 
  • Culture: Middle east
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Lighthouse Painting

USDUSD 750.00

Lighthouse is a one-of-a-kind canvas, the symmetry it brings a cool and breezy emotion, coupled with deep earthy hues that ground the energies around it and make it a delightful centerpiece. Lighthouse will light your interiors as it brings about a two-dimensional visual conversation of delightful colors. 



  • Material: Acrylic on Canvas 
  • Color : Blue 
  • Size: 120.0 x 120.0 cm 

Jasmine Painting with Gold Strokes

USDUSD 250.00

Jasmine is yet another one-of-a-kind canvas,  another creation of certain aesthetic qualities, by Amal Al Sorany. The visual characteristics of this artwork evoke memories of a walk in a garden, surrounded by Jasmines, and invite an easy air of beautiful energy to your surroundings. 



  • Material : Acrylic on Canvas
  • Color : Blue & Gold 
  • Size: 80.0x 100.0 cm

Braided  cross bag strap with metal clasp Braided  cross bag strap with metal clasp


Braided cross bag strap with metal clasp

USDUSD 40.00 USDUSD 34.00

 Cross bag strap with metal clasp

It is a time-tested fact that black cross body straps are timeless and elegant.  This Adjustable & Vegan leather bag strap can be mixed and matched with your outfit to give you the perfect look.

It is easy to style and pair with any of your bags! With a hint of colors and design aesthetic, you can upgrade your looks.
  • Material: Ethnic Fabric
  • Vegan Havan leather on the edge and lining/back 
  • Color: Mix of Red Gold and Beige  
  • Featuring a gold tone accessory (Metalclasp).
  • Length : 115 cm -  Width :4cm
  • Origin: Lebanon 


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