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The Gossip Painting Print

USDUSD 100.00

The Gossip Print is based on an original silk painting; it is printed on a Hahnemuhle Photo Matt Fiber Paper in 200gsm. It is a unique piece in quality with its beautiful vibrant colors. Highlighting the beauty of Arabic calligraphy and language it is as true as the original. 

With the word Said and was told in arabic or tittle - tattles 


•Medium: Silk Painting Print on Matt Fiber Paper 200 gsm 
•Color: Multi colored 
•Dimension : 46 cm  x 42 cm

The traveler Collage Art Print

USDUSD 90.00

Traveler's Collage Art Print

 The Traveler digital collage art is made by the artist to express the dilemma of traveling, and of running away either from our thoughts or forcefully leaving our lands. We are all travelers in this life. 

In life, there are 3 types of travelers: Those fleeing away from their own thoughts, fears, and inner self to ride the boat to the unknown in the hope to write a better story that will satisfy their soul. But in fact, they will either find the serenity they are looking for or face new chaos. Then there are those who are refugees because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.  Those who are prosecuted by other humans for reasons beyond their control or within their basic rights as humans.  The third type is those who choose to travel for financial advancement or other reasons to face new sets of challenges, where they need to adjust, integrate, and accept new cultures and new style of life.



  • Material: Canvas
  • Medium: Digital Collage Art Print Mounted on Wooden Structure
  • Color: Multicolored 
  • Dimensions: 40  x 56 cm  


Set of Two Be Thankful Metallic Acrylic Painting

USDUSD 350.00

Part of the flying letters series. Be Thankful is an abstract painting that focuses on the magic of the Arabic letters, their connection to each other, and when combined they make a single pattern of art.

  • Material: Metallic Acrylics on MDF.
  • Color: Multicolor.
  • Size: 84.50 x 64.50 x7.0  cm
  • Size: 64.50 x 64.50 x7.0  cm
  • Year: 2021


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