Mixed Media

The Glance

USDUSD 600.00

“The Glance” - Her eyes speak volumes. Acrylic and embroidery on canvas. When stitching takes place of brush strokes. It's a totally different feeling of being in the now.

Mixed media - acrylic on canvas and embroidery.


USDUSD 650.00

‘Heartbreak’? That’s what it feels like to have your emotions all over the place!  Any heart can take that many blows before you feel the break. And you just sit there, asking your heart where you did go wrong?

Still wondering!

This mixed media painting is a very unique artwork, created by a combination of acrylic paint and embroidery on Canvas. Through this technique, the artist depicts a message full of emotions and feelings, felt during each heartbreak that we could go through. 

Guitar and Vase Still Life

USDUSD 2,600.00

Inspired by the cubism of Braque and Picasso this still life is based on a musical theme. It was inspired by jazz and its various symbols.

It is a mixed media artwork on canvas  (fabric, fabric paint, acrylic, and inks).

Close your Eyes and See

USDUSD 2,000.00

"We are made of light and darkness.

In this piece, I worked the shadows to emphasize the light.

We cannot see one without the other or can we?"

Through this embroidery on canvas, the duality of light and darkness is clearly depicted. Without light, we would have never known the darkness's existence, and what other than darkness makes us appreciate the light. (what you wrote is nice, however, we will have to pass this to the artist to confirm the meaning).

This one of a kind acrylic painting is the perfect piece to add to your art collection.

Still Life Composition 2

USDUSD 2,600.00

This still life was inspired by cubism. Its basic theme is based on music. Color is emphasized emphasizing musical tones and sounds. 

It is a mixed media artwork on canvas  (fabric, fabric paint, acrylic, and inks).

Looking for my soul tribe

USDUSD 300.00

"At times, I feel there is a family out there not related to my blood, rather to my soul."

Through this Collage and mixed media on watercolor paper, the artists depict the feeling of belongingness that we can have to a certain group of people, with whom we share not blood and DNA, but our soul and inner energy. 

This painting is glued on a thick white cardboard, which allows it to be displayed as wall art, perfectly fitting any decor you choose.

All on the Same Path

USDUSD 1,800.00

"Whether alone or in a crowd, looking around me or within me, I  deeply sense that we are all on the same path towards compassion and enlightenment. That is our journey."

The "All on the same path" mixed media painting is created through collage and acrylic paint on canvas. By merging both techniques into one, I gave this artwork a singularity that makes it even more special, and that delivers the intended message of compassion, in a more enchanting and powerful way.


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