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Olive Green Handmade Ceramic Autumn Bowl

USDUSD 105.00

Olive Green Handmade Ceramic Autumn Bowl by Three Pots with intricate brown and olive green patterns. Reminds one of the autumn's early leaves falling peacefully and elegantly on the moist grass. 

Details :

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Color: Olive green 
  • Size : 22.0 cm 
  • Origin: Lebanon 

Roman Handmade Ceramic Carved Bowl

USDUSD 95.00

Carved intricate bowl. Everything about this bowl is intricate from its color which is impossible to define to the patterns to the feel when you hold it.


Details :

  • Material : Ceramic 
  • Color : Brown 
  • Size : 15 cm diameter / 9 cm height

Set of Ceramic Handmade Earthen Jug And Jar

USDUSD 150.00

An alluring set of an earthern Jug (1L) and Jar with a lid.  Keep your color earthy and enjoy a peaceful and elegant style.

A set of six matching cups is also available.  Please send us a WhatsApp message to get more details about the set of cups.


Details :

  • Material: Ceramic 
  • Color: Beige 
  • Size of Jar: 11 cm diameter, 14 cm height
  • Size of Jug: 12 cm diameter, 21 cm height 




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