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Ramadan Picks

Ramadan Kareem Hilal Stand

USDUSD 45.00

Ramadan Kareem Hilal Stand

One of the greatest things in Ramadan is to decorate your home and feel the vibes of this holy month! This Ramadan hilal will add a great touch to your decoration or even your iftar table! Ramadan truly deserves a special decor!


  • Material: Metal 
  • Color: Gold
  • Size : 22 .0 x 22.0  cm


Ramadan Kareem Metal Stand

USDUSD 50.00

Ramadan Kareem Metal Stand

Welcoming Ramadan with beautiful decorations! Spread Ramadan vibes around with this beautiful stand or gift it to your loved ones! 

Details :

  • Material: Metal  
  • Color: Beige
  • Size: 27x25 cm






Metal Blessings Bookmark

USDUSD 25.00

Metal Blessing Bookmark

Mark your page with style! This bookmark is made from metal of 3 mm thickness and comes in a Gold color! You will definitely be in love with it once it touches your book page.

Details :

  • Material: Metal 
  • Color: Gold 
  • Size: 5.0 x 15.0  cm

Metal Islamic Geometry and Iqraa Arabic Calligraphy Bookmark Metal Islamic Geometry and Iqraa Arabic Calligraphy Bookmark


Metal Islamic Geometry and Iqraa Arabic Calligraphy Bookmark

USDUSD 35.00 USDUSD 25.00

Reading is dear to your heart? This bookmark will always remind you to keep on learning, the journey to knowledge is endless. So, keep on reading 'Iqraa' or read in arabic.

Details :

  • Material: Metal
  • Color : Gold or Silver
  • Size : 4.0 x 15.0 cm 




Pink Hand Embroidered Abaya with Arabic Calligraphy

USDUSD 110.00

The Abaya has become one of the trendiest pieces of clothing. Ensure you catch everyone’s attention by wearing this trendy chic Pink  Abaya with Arabic Calligraphy prints and Hand Embroidered Golden border.  It is a must have piece for this season.


  • Material: Cotton with Gold Calligraphy prints and gold hnad made Borders 
  • Color: Pink 
  • Size :One- size fits all 
  • Embroidered with Silk Threads 

Modern Burgundy Cotton Handmade Mix and Match Fabric Abaya

USDUSD 99.00

The Abaya has become one of the trendiest pieces of clothing. Ensure you catch everyone’s attention by wearing this Chic Burgundy Abaya. It is a must-have piece for this season.



  • Material: Cotton 
  • Color: Burgundy 
  • Size:One- size fits all 

Hamdella stand

USDUSD 50.00

Hamdella stand is brought to you to decorate your table and add a very classy touch to your setup. Its made up of metal of thicknes 3 mm and powder coated with different colors ; Gold & Bronze. 

Ramadan Kareem Food Coaster

USDUSD 40.00

Ramadan Kareem Food Coaster

Add a beautiful touch to your Ramadan dinner table! Ramadan Kareem food coaster can hold very hot food and never changes in color since it's powder-coated!

Available in Silver, Gold, Black & Brown! 

Details :

  • Material: Metal 
  • Color: Silver, Brown, Beige or Black
  • Size : 20.0  cm


Elegant Linen Hand Embroidered koufie Abaya Elegant Linen Hand Embroidered koufie Abaya


Elegant Linen Hand Embroidered koufie Abaya

USDUSD 143.00 USDUSD 114.00

This abaya is the ultimate summer trend. Its fresh colors and unique design make this piece easy to style with a simple white t-shirt and jeans, a more formal outfit, or a dress for a night out. This Najaf Linen Pink Abaya is embroidered with Silk Threads and is a beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe.



  • Material: Linen with Silk Embroidery
  • Color: available in two different colors - pink and off-white embrodery or orange and green embroidery
  • Size: One-size fits all 


Black Hand Embroidered Abaya with Blue Line Black Hand Embroidered Abaya with Blue Line


Black Hand Embroidered Abaya with Blue Line

USDUSD 143.00 USDUSD 114.40

What’s uniquely distinctive about this abaya, is its multi-use design. It can be worn during the day or on a night out. You can pair it with jeans, a formal outfit, or a dress and you’ve already caught everyone’s attention. The slighltly transparent Najaf Linen fabrc gives the outfit you are wearing a lovely stylish and modern look.


Details :

  • Material: Linen with silk embroidery 
  • Color : Black 
  • Size: One size fits all 


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