Why Join?

Advance your business

  • Be part of a curated, eclectic selection.
  • Access a marketplace that strives to become THE address for the MENA region's art and design.
  • Have your own backend access, where you can update your biography, fill in your products info, and manage orders.
  • Be present on a growing platform with established tools and continuous development.
  • Benefit from being on a platform with strong operational model – from the day-to-day operation, follow up on the web development, marketing track, customers’ relationship management, accounting and financial management, etc…
  • Enjoy being on a platform that evolves based on the results of data analytics:  Informed decision making leading to better outcomes, more effective marketing, better customer service, and more efficient operations.


Reach many more buyers

  • Reach more buyers through our regular social media campaigns.
  • Access regional and international markets.
  • Get promoted outside your locale and market on our various online platforms.
  • Be featured prominently on our website.
  • Enjoy the possibility of engaging in design for customized gifts with corporate clients.


Boost and control your sales

  • Order Management: You can see your completed and pending orders.  You get notified when a new order is placed, and can directly request courier pick up of the order through the platform.
  • Sales Control: You have access to information on your sales and turnover.
  • Secure Payment Gateway: Accept online payments by all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and subsidiaries), using a gateway infrastructure that is hosted in a state-of-the-art data center.
  • Courier/ shipment Logistics: Access to group shipment rates.
  • Leverage potential extra sales through our gift card.


Benefit from ongoing Marketing activities 

  • Growth plan based on thorough market research.
  • Continuous tracking and enhancement of the customer’s experience.
  • Our team’s support in improving the website copyrighting and SEO management to optimize your presence in search engines.
  • Access regional and international markets as we grow as a platform, the markets we target grow.
  • Community Management.


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